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The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (The Commission) was established under the Telecommunications Act of 2000 to oversee the development of the telecommunications sector in Saint Lucia. It comprises not less than three (3) and not more than five (5) Commissioners, who are appointed by the Minister with responsibility for Telecommunications.

The Minister responsible for Telecommunications

Hon. Guy Joseph 
Ministry of Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal,
Transport & Civil Aviation
7th Floor Conway Business Center
St. Lucia

The Commission has been appointed by the Minister, as required by Section 8(2) of the Telecommunications Act of 2000. Currently there are three (3) Commissioners

Mr. Gerry George (Acting Chairman)
Mr. Jason Edgar
Mr. Alvin Malaykhan
The office of the Commission is located in the Rajana Group of Companies Building at Bois D'Orange, Gros-Islet
The mailing address is as follows:
P.O. Box GM 690
Saint Lucia (West Indies)

The Secretariat consists of the following staff members:

Mrs. Shana Willie-Matoorah - Director/Secretary
Ms. Sandra Jones- Universal Service Fund Adminstrator
Ms. Natoya Cassius- Universal Service Fund Administrative Assistant
Mr. Alden St. Clair - Senior Technical Officer
Mr. Shaun M. W. Julien - Technical Officer
Mr. Bronte Bess - Technical Assistant
Ms. Joanita Alexander- Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Wilma Burton-Samuel- Office/ Information Clerk
Ms. Julina Henry-Office Assistant/Attendant
Main Email Address:


(a) Advise the Minister on the formulation of national policy on telecommunications matters with a view to ensuring the efficient, economic and harmonised development of the telecommunications and broadcasting services and radio- communications of St. Lucia;

(b) Ensure compliance with the Government’s international obligations on telecommunications;

(c) Be responsible for technical regulation and the setting of technical standards of telecommunications and ensure the compatibility with international standards;

(d) Plan, supervise, regulate and manage the use of the radio frequency spectrum in conjunction with ECTEL, including the assignment and registration of radio frequency to be used by all stations operating in St. Lucia or on any ship, aircraft, vessel, or other floating or airborne contrivance or spacecraft registered in St. Lucia;

(e) Regulate prices for telecommunications services;

(f) Advise the Minister on all matters related to tariffs for telecommunications services;

(g) Collect all fees prescribed and any other tariffs levied under this Act or Regulations;

(h) Receive and review applications for licences and advise the Minister accordingly;

(i) Monitor and ensure that licensees comply with the conditions attached to their licenses;

(j) Review proposed interconnection agreements by telecommunications providers and recommend to the Minister whether or not he should approve such agreements;

(k) Investigate and resolve any dispute relating to interconnections or sharing of infrastructure between telecommunications providers;

(l) Investigate and resolve complaints related to harmful interference;

(m) Monitor anti-competitive practices in the telecommunications sector and advise the national body responsible for the regulation of anti-competitive practices accordingly;

(n) Maintain a register of licensees and frequency authorization holders;

(o) Provide the Minister with such information as he may require from time to time;

(p) Undertake in conjunction with other institutions and entities where practicable, training, manpower planning, seminars and conferences in the areas of national and regional importance in telecommunications;

(q) Report to and advise the Minister on the legal, technical, financial, economic aspects of telecommunications, and the social impact of telecommunications;

(r) Manage the universal service fund;

(s) Perform such other functions as prescribed.



s13 – (1) The Commission shall have the power to do all things necessary or convenient to be done for or in connection with the performance of its functions.

           (2) Without limiting the generality of subsection (1), the Commission has the power to –

(a) acquire information relevant to performance of its functions including whether or not a person is in breach of a licence, frequency authorisation or this Act;

(b) require payment of fees;

(c) initiate legal proceedings against a licensee or authorised frequency holder for the purposes of compliance;

(d) hold public hearings pertaining to its functions;

(e) sit as a tribunal;

(f) do anything incidental to its powers



July 2017