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  Consultation Procedures

Active/Ongoing Consultations


Principles, Methodologies and Guidelines for the Determination of New Interconnection Rates


Consultation on Electronic Communications (EC) Bill


Consultation on Electronic Communications (EC) Bill (Revised Draft)


Consultation on Electtronic Communications (EC) Bill (Revised Draft - 28/10/16)


Consultation Document - Licences Template for Multi-Service licence


Consultation Document - Network Service Licence Application Form


Consultation document - Number Portability Final Policy Recommendation


Consultation Document - ECTEL Public Consultation On New Regulatory Instruments


Consultation of the Quality of Service

 The following are the comments submitted during the comments on comments period:

  1. Cizmic Consulting Inc - Comments on QoS Consultation
  2. Columbus Communications - Comments on QoS Consultation
  3. Digicel - Comments on QoS Consultation
  4. LIME Dominica - Response to QoS Consultation
  5. LIME St. Lucia - Response to QoS Consultation
  6. NTRC Dominica - Comments on QoS Consultation
  7. NTRC Grenada - Comments on QoS Consultation
  8. NTRC St. Vincent - Comments on QoS Consultation
  9. ECTEL - Comments on QoS Consultation


Universal Service Fund

Public Consultation - Universal Service Fund




Completed Consultations