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Ectel Regional Spectrum Management Plan

The radio spectrum is an important but limited resource managed by the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority, ECTEL, for the people of the ECTEL Member States of the Eastern Caribbean. The radio spectrum provides a useful medium for the establishment of telecommunications and broadcasting services for the functioning and growth of the economy of the region. The ECTEL Regional Spectrum Management Plan is a regional plan and divides the ECTEL radio frequency spectrum into a number of frequency bands and designates the general purposes for which each band may be utilized. This process is referred to as the allocation of frequency bands to radio communication services. ECTEL is responsible for providing advice to the governments of the region on the allocation of the spectrum resource to meet the demands of existing and emerging technologies and services thereby ensuring that the radio spectrum provides the greatest economic and social benefit to the peoples of the region. ECTEL Member States are signatories to the International Telecommunications Union, ITU, and the Caribbean Telecommunications Union, CTU, and collaborate with other intergovernmental and national telecommunications regulatory organizations in the Americas. Consequently, there is a need to have a regional spectrum framework that will inform the development of national telecommunications infrastructure within ECTEL Member States and will ensure that international treaties are addressed. Click on the link below for more information.

ECTEL Regional Spectrum Management Plan

July 2017