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Frameworks and Technical Standards


These documents were formulated by the Commission to assist and oversee certain aspects of the telecommunications sector in Saint Lucia. These documents provide the necessary guidance with respect to the acceptable principles and standards for the various telecommunications operations. The purpose of these frameworks are to provide a clear and comprehensive outline on the telecommunications requirements for the operation of several mobile radio communications services in Saint Lucia. The mobile radio services include:




Aeronautical Mobile Radio Operations

Amateur Radio Operations

Citizen Band Radio Operations

Land Mobile Radio Operations




The framework document shall describe, inter alia
  • the application and licensing process

  • the frequencies allocated to the various mobile radio services

  • the pertinent provisions from the telecommunications legislation, especially on standards and harmful interference  






Aeronautical Mobile Radio Technical Standards

Amateur Radio Technical Standards

Citizen Band Radio Service Technical Standards

Family Radio Service Technical Standards

Land Mobile Radio Service Technical Standards





July 2017