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Terminal Equipment, Type Approvals & Public Networks

Guided by the Telecommunications (Terminal Equipment and Public Network) Regulations, unless the Commission grants a certificate of type approval and/or registration of a terminal supplier the items listed below should not be sold or installed to usage in Saint Lucia;

(a)   Cellular telephones;
(b)   Cordless telephones;
(c)    Fax machines;
(d)   GSM telephones;
(e)   Mobile radios;
(f)    Modems
(g)   Wireless remote devices;
(h)   PABXs (including Small Business Systems and Key Systems);
(i)    Pagers;
(j)    Radio receivers;
(k)   Radio transmitters;
(l)    Satellite earth stations;
(m)  Telecommunications switching equipment;
(n)   Telephone instruments;
(o)   Telex equipment;
(p)   Other equipment emitting a radio signal; and
(q)   Any other customer premises equipment to be attached to any part of a licensed telecommunications network.

July 2017