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Universal Service Fund Project Proposals and Updates


The Universal Service Fund (USF) was established in 2009 by the Telecommunications Act (‘The Act’). In accordance with the Telecommunications (Universal Service Fund)Regulations 2008, Universal Service includes the provision of:
• Public voice telephony;
• internet access;
• telecommunications services to schools, health institutions and similar
institutions and the physically challenged; or
• Other service by which people access efficient, affordable and modern
The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, (NTRC) has been tasked with its management, while its source of funding is from the Telecommunications Providers as specified by The Act. The Fund supports the expansion of telecommunication services particularly to the underserved who currently do not have sufficient access. The aim of the Fund is to provide telecommunication services which are readily accessible and affordable. Any legal entity, group or person serving the needs of the above target groups/areas. Click Here for more information.

July 2017